It's Taurus Season - Gifts for your favourite Taurus babes

gifts for taurus


What sign is more likely to take a six-hour bath, followed by a luxurious Swedish massage and decadent dessert spread? Why Taurus, of course! Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull. Like their celestial spirit animal, Taureans enjoy relaxing in serene environments surrounded by soft sounds, soothing aromas, and all of their favourite possessions.


Embrace your horoscope with our unique Asta Necklace. This gold plated Star Sign necklace has a coin pendant with detailed cut-out zodiac emblem for each astrological constellation on a gorgeous mother of pearl or blue sandstone background.


Green is the colour of the month with the emerald birthstone of most Taureans. Check out our top picks of gifts for your favourite birthday babes...


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taurus signs have a reputation for enjoying quality, which doesn’t mean you need to drop a ton of cash on your fave bull’s birthday present (although, they wouldn’t be mad if you did). Instead, know that your Taurus other half, BFF, or sibling will enjoy something small but well made, like a gold necklace or velvet star scrunchie.

As earth signs, Taurus babes are very focused on the material, the things they can touch, taste, and smell. So give ’em a cozy blanket, a new cookbook they can master, or a fragrance that will become their new signature scent. It's even better if you give them their present while treating them to dinner at their favourite restaurant. 

While Taureans are easy to please, they can also be uncompromising and stubborn. That reputation comes from the fact that Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning it falls in the middle of a season (Spring, in this case) and does not do well with change. It's their way or the highway, but that’s only because the highway is currently dealing with a lot of construction and they know the best shortcut. Really, all they want is the same genuine, sincere affection they show to others. 
A nicer (and truer!) side of Taurus’s reputation is that they make the most loyal friends you could ask for. They love nice things, so don’t waste your money on a cheap, last-minute gift - what about a gift voucher instead?
But really, the ultimate present you can give a Taurus is something genuine and from the heart. A thoughtful gift that shows you know and care about them will mean the most to your favourite bull.

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